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Breaking security news: Worm variant disguised as e-mail from Gates

Jun 04, 20033 mins

Latest security news.

Worm variant disguised as e-mail from Gates, 06/03/03

A potent variety of the Sobig e-mail virus is spreading on the Internet, according to warnings from a number of leading antivirus companies.

Experts: Worry more about insiders than cyberterrorism

Enterprises worried about cybersecurity should pay more attention to their own employees than to the as-of-yet unrealized threat of cyberterrorism, two cybersecurity experts warned a group of IT professionals Tuesday.

DISA fortifying military’s IT defenses, 06/02/03

The Defense Information Systems Agency, which provides the military with technical help on software and telecom projects around the world, is taking new steps to improve network security at bases and in the field.

ISS hatches ‘virtual patching’ mgmt. plan, 06/02/03

Internet Security Systems is readying technology it says could benefit companies fed up with current patch management techniques.

SonicWall offering to help firms keep more Web sites off-limits, 06/02/03

SonicWall is upgrading its URL filtering service to let businesses block access to millions rather than tens of thousands of sites deemed inappropriate for the workplace.

RSA Security teaming with Thor Technologies, 06/02/03

RSA Security and Thor Technologies Monday announced a partnership agreement under which the two will work closely to integrate their products.

Microsoft revises two security bulletins, 05/29/03

Microsoft updated security bulletins on Wednesday, fixing two recent software patches.

Microsoft creates new group to clean its coding act, 05/29/03

Microsoft is expanding its security business unit with a group that will establish new software development processes and create tools for its programmers so that future Microsoft products will have fewer security flaws, a Microsoft executive said.

Microsoft patches up IIS, Windows Media Services, 05/29/03

Microsoft Wednesday released two security bulletins, warning of security holes in its Web server software and in Windows Media Services affecting various versions of the Windows operating system.

Juniper adds security, 05/28/03

Juniper Networks this week unveiled enhancements to its routers designed to scale security services across its product line and throughout a Juniper-equipped network.

Microsoft yanks update after glitch discovered, 05/28/03

Microsoft has pulled an update to security software from its Web site after some users who downloaded the code saw their Internet connections go down.

Apache group issues update, warns of security hole, 05/28/03

For the second time in as many months, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) released an updated version of the popular open source Web server software, only to warn users of a critical security hole in previous versions of the software that the update patches.