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Mailbag: Working moms’ woes

Jun 10, 20032 mins
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* Working dads chime in with their thoughts on juggling work and family life

A few weeks ago, I reported on the results of a survey about working mothers. The poll found that one-fourth of the respondents are dissatisfied with their balance of work and life, and that long hours and stress are challenges (see:

This particular study didn’t mention men, though of course fathers face some of the same pressures to juggle parenting and professional life.

Mike McGuane, a programmer/analyst in manufacturing, writes, “I would like to chime in for working dads.” His wife is working to become an attorney, and he says he’s chosen to spend more time with the kids. “She may become the majority breadwinner and will continue to experience the challenges, as will I, who takes the kids to appointments and events.”

Meanwhile, Robert Lahr wrote to say that he interprets the survey results much more optimistically. He writes, “I’m drawing entirely different conclusions from this research,” he says.  “Based on these numbers, the majority of women are satisfied with their work as well as their career progress. 75% of women are satisfied with their balance of work and life.  This seems like a great number, given the human condition.”

He adds that more than half of working moms don’t put in long hours on the job, which is refreshing to know, and points out that half of the working mothers don’t work under a great deal of stress.

“It doesn’t seem like the majority of working women are struggling.  They seem to be doing better than I would have expected,” Lahr says.