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Is your network view cloudy?

Jun 11, 20032 mins
Data Center

* Storage: Shoring up your enterprise strategy

One of the toughest challenges IT managers are facing is getting a handle on what resources they have spread out across the network. And the most elusive resource is storage.

Look at any organization and you’ll see files stored on desktops, on departmental servers, on disks and elsewhere. But companies are starting to crack down. They need to know where intellectual property is held and how it’s being secured.

Government regulations are forcing audits of critical information and IT managers are being held responsible for knowing where the corporate jewels are held.

Not knowing can create liability problems as well as noncompliance issues.

So IT managers are turning to centralized storage tools to gain control. They are rolling out storage management solutions that let them take inventory of every nook and cranny where data is stored.

On our upcoming Technology Tour “Storage: Shoring up Your Enterprise Strategy,” you’ll hear about a variety of ways to get a clear view of your storage resources, including creating virtual volumes. You’ll also hear about other important techniques for getting a handle on your data such as automation and improved back-up systems.

Steve Duplessie, founder of Enterprise Storage Group, shows you the benefits of pulling your storage resources into a centralized view, including the ability to support multiple protocols and a variety of data-churning applications.

He also lays out the top things you need to do to deal with compliance and regulations across vertical industries. From HIPAA to the SEC, he’ll show you how to create a network that can stand up to frequent auditing and serve as a shield for customer privacy.

Joining us on the tour will be leading storage companies such as Finisar, PowerQuest and StorageTek.

Register now at to see how you can create a highly visible, well-architected storage network that protects your company, its business partners and your customers.