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NetFlash: Survey: Security cuts both ways on IT plans

Jun 10, 20032 mins

Half of large companies are increasing spending on security products, but many also say security issues are holding back deployment of other technologies. For instance, while interest in wireless technology is blossoming, security concerns are overwhelming. Those technologies don’t include storage, though, as storage needs are expected to grow 74% in the next year, on average. These and many other facts emerged from our annual comprehensive survey of network executives from 500 companies. Check out all the results in our wide-ranging story.

Survey: Security cuts both ways on IT plans

Cisco wins narrow ruling against Huawei

Both sides naturally claimed victory after the latest development in Cisco’s lawsuit against Huawei. A judge granted a preliminary injunction against Huawei distributing the software and manuals that Cisco says the Chinese company copied. But Huawei said the ruling was very narrow.

Microsoft still certifying leaky drivers, firm says

Months after promising to tighten up its procedures for certifying third-party software drivers, Microsoft is still giving the green light to network interface card (NIC) drivers that leak sensitive user information from machines running Windows Server 2003, according to a prominent security company.

Case study: Server consolidation helps JetBlue soar

JetBlue Airways CIO Jeff Cohen could see a storm waiting to happen. Ever since the discount carrier launched its inaugural flight in 2000, business has been booming and the company’s IT infrastructure was growing along with it. “A bell went off in my mind about six months ago,” Cohen says. “I could just see that I was going to be faced with server consolidation at some point.”

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