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NetFlash: Microsoft to buy Romanian antivirus company

Jun 11, 20032 mins

On its face it doesn’t look like much. Microsoft makes an acquisition of a Romanian software company that’s small enough that the price is undisclosed. However, when you look closer, it’s clear that this is just the thin end of a wedge into the antivirus software market. Microsoft says antivirus companies have nothing to fear and will even benefit themselves, but it also says it plans to offer fee-based antivirus services.

Microsoft to buy Romanian antivirus company

State of the technology union

When you’re struggling with economic pressures every day, how much can you possibly innovate? We asked six top guns in network R&D that question and their answers were – well, innovative.

Amazon dives into technology services

Online retailer formally has become a technology services company, providing an array of e-commerce services for leading U.S. retailers. The launch of Amazon Services, a new subsidiary, was unveiled Tuesday at the Retail Systems 2003 show in Chicago by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

FCC: ADSL growth sped by cable modems in 2002

Adoption of asymmetrical DSL high-speed Internet services outpaced cable modem deployment in the U.S. during the second half of 2002, thanks to increased broadband competition and consumer demand for lower prices, according to a new report from the FCC.

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