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Wal-Mart backs plan for wireless tag standard

Jun 11, 20032 mins

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Wal-Mart backs plan for wireless tag standard, 06/11/03

Retail giant Wal-Mart Wednesday threw its weight behind a plan to create an industry standard for embedding tiny radio transmitters into product labels and tags.

FCC: ADSL growth sped by cable modems in 2002, 06/11/03

Adoption of asymmetrical DSL high-speed Internet services outpaced cable modem deployment in the U.S. during the second half of 2002, thanks to increased broadband competition and consumer demand for lower prices, according to a new report from the FCC.

Oracle, IBM team on XQuery Java spec, 06/10/03

In a rare act of cooperation, Oracle and IBM have submitted a joint request for a specification that would define how Java applications query databases using a proposed language called XQuery.

Special Focus: Web services standards march forward, 06/09/03

Corporate executives are keeping a sharp eye on new Web services standards development of security, reliable messaging, process workflow, choreography and management specifications. The standards work will help prove if Web services technology can deliver on its promise to spark a new era of networked applications and integration among corporate systems.

Tech Update: RFID takes stock of supply chain, 06/09/03

The use of radio frequency identification devices – tags, cards or labels – continues to grow as businesses realize the many advantages of the technology. Organizations such as the Auto-ID Center are furthering the adoption of RFID devices by developing standards and protocols that enable IT systems to identify and track virtually any physical object.

802.11g set to shake up WLAN market, 06/09/03

The IEEE this week is expected to put its stamp of approval on the proposed 802.11g standard, which boosts data rates on 2.4-GHz wireless LANs from 11M to 54M bit/sec.