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NetFlash: Merger mania takes root

Jun 16, 20032 mins

Mergers and acquisitions are a time-honored tradition in the tech industry, as innovative start-ups routinely get picked up by larger vendors that have lots of flash and cash. This tradition had been missing for some time – but in recent weeks the merger meter has been tilting to the right, and it’s suddenly becoming apparent that there are several tech sectors that are just begging for some merger mania.

Merger mania? Not yet, but…

C&W customers wait to learn their fate

Service provider Cable & Wireless is beating a hasty retreat from the U.S. market, leaving about 5,000 customers wondering what their next move will be. It might be the best business decision, but analysts say they went about it all wrong.

HP preps upgrades throughout OpenView line

HP plans to elaborate on its “adaptive enterprise” strategy at next week’s HP Software Forum in Chicago, introducing 30 product enhancements aimed at increasing corporate IT flexibility.

Software eases remote access management

Expand Beyond has developed a mobile remote-access management platform that puts troubleshooting and disaster recovery capabilities in the palm of an administrator’s hand.

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