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NetFlash: CA readies multi-function security tool

Jun 17, 20032 mins

Computer Associates is readying security software that performs many different functions in one place. The tool fights viruses, blocks spam, enforces content filtering, restricts peer-to-peer file sharing – it slices, it dices, it even makes julienne fries! Naturally, we’ll probably see even more security functions consolidate like this, and from a multitude of vendors, not just CA.

CA readies multi-function security tool

3Com taps Huawei for ‘comeback’ try

3Com has been trying to make its way back to the core of enterprise networks, and its latest effort comes with the help of Huawei. This week at the CeBit America conference in New York, 3Com is planning to introduce a big switch based on the Chinese company’s technology.

Network Appliance bolsters open developer program

Network Appliance Tuesday announced that it is offering its Manage ONTAP API suite and Software Developer’s Kit free of charge to any company that wants to develop systems that will run better when integrated with the company’s file servers, nearline storage and caching appliances.

Sun targets AIX with new campaign

Looking to capitalize on IBM’s legal dispute with The SCO Group, Sun is readying a new AIX-to-Solaris migration program that will kick off on Wednesday with full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal and the San Jose Mercury News.

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