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NetFlash: WLANs scale, just not easily

Jun 18, 20032 mins

Wireless LANs are all about gaps – in particular, getting data across gaps. But they can also introduce other kinds of gaps, like security gaps and throughput gaps. These challenges can be especially bad when you scale up to a really big network, and that’s the problem we look at this week in the first of two parts about wireless LANs.

WLANs scale, just not easily

Verizon in second day of talks with unions

Naturally, no one wants a strike, but everyone figures there will be one at Verizon this summer – unless the service provider and its unions can successfully negotiate 27 contracts in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Cisco updates certifications, adds security training

Cisco this week introduced education programs for designing network security architectures and updated certification tests for specific Cisco security gear.

Starwood executive discusses hotel chain’s Wi-Fi trials

Wi-Fi evangelists have for years been spinning alluring tales about an unwired future, but many businesses eyeing the sector are still struggling to find revenue models that will let them turn a profit on providing wireless connectivity and related content and services. Several executives tackling Wi-Fi projects gathered Tuesday in New York for a panel discussion of their field experiences.

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