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NetFlash: Capellas: Convergence is key for MCI

Jun 19, 20032 mins

Twenty minutes into the keynote address at CeBIT America, and I’m wondering if I’m in the wrong place. MCI Chief Michael Capellas is going on about “waves of technology” and video instant messaging, blah blah blah – a completely generic keynote that could have been given by any CEO at any time in network history, with absolutely no mention of the bankruptcy, fraud and scandal that have plagued his company in the last year. But then he brought up convergence, and brought in Yogi Berra.

Capellas: Convergence is key for MCI

Antitrust card played in PeopleSoft takeover bid

Oracle’s bid for PeopleSoft got personal for the State of Connecticut, which was all set to plunge into a $100 million installation of PeopleSoft software. When Oracle said it would launch a hostile takeover of PeopleSoft and then cease new development on the company’s software, that angered Connecticut. And Connecticut has lots of lawyers.

AIX users unruffled by SCO lawsuit

Users of AIX, IBM’s version of Unix, say the company’s dispute with The SCO Group is having little impact on their AIX purchasing plans, despite SCO’s declaration Monday that merely using AIX is now an infringement of its rights.

Cox adds voice to its IP backbone

Cox Communications has begun carrying voice traffic over its own IP backbone instead of using facilities leased from other long-distance providers. The carrier is about a month into a deployment of IP voice gear that will convert TDM traffic generated by its local phone customers into IP for routing over its OC-48 core network.

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