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NetFlash: Should you use an IDS?

Jun 20, 20032 mins

Are intrusion detection systems a big fat waste of time? Gartner seems to think so, and the assertion has stirred up quite a controversy. Gartner’s reasoning is that an IDS doesn’t really add another level of security, but it adds work because it can generate false positives and negatives. The research firm’s solution: spend your money on firewalls instead. IDS vendors and users have quickly responded, and some have done so in our forum:

Don’t dis’ my IDS

Amtrak expands automated voice system

One agent answers every one of the 20 million phone calls Amtrak receives every year. That agent is “Julie,” an automated voice system that now can take your credit card info over the phone when you make a reservation.

IDC: Wi-Fi hype contrasts with reality

Analyst firm IDC threw some cold water on the hot spot hype this week, predicting that although worldwide commercial Wi-Fi locations are set to grow 57% annually over the next five years, the market is still young and rife with uncertainty.

Novell to release new BorderManager

Novell will release an open beta of the next version of its firewall, proxy server and VPN in early July. Version 3.8 of BorderManager will include a standards-based VPN, improved installation and management and support for more than 50 authentication methods.

This week’s top 5 stories so far:

1. Microsoft says hands off leaked MSN Messenger 6

2. WLANs scale, just not easily

3. Merger mania? Not yet, but…

4. 3Com taps Huawei for ‘comeback’ try

5. C&W customers wait to learn their fate

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