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NetFlash: Move afoot to speed XML traffic

Jun 23, 20032 mins

In XML, the “X” is for Extensible – and it’s that extensibility that can make XML a real performance hog. Yep, the cloud to Web services’ silver lining is that one of its key protocols can sap the life out of your network. Luckily, there is an answer: a new type of device that handles all the XML parsing for you. This area, it turns out, is becoming one of the hottest in networking, as start-ups snag lots of investment dollars to try to solve the problem.

Move afoot to speed XML traffic

Cautious users cast wary eye on WLANs

Still wondering whether wireless LANs are a good idea for your network? Other network executives recently discussed their hopes and concerns about the technology at a recent panel – and here’s what they had to say.

VoIP brings change to the channel

CarrAmerica Realty faced some tough decisions when picking an IP telephony platform to replace its nationwide PBX infrastructure. But the harder choice was deciding on whom to partner with to install and configure the convergence gear. The company decided on Expanets, a reseller and integrator of Avaya and Cisco voice and data gear.

Ethernet: It isn’t just for LANs anymore

Ethernet has been the dominant LAN transport protocol in corporate networks for almost 30 years. But now carriers are using it to inexpensively build high-performance networks using switches, optical transport gear and installed fiber, to offer services that extend Ethernet from the LAN to the metropolitan-area network(MAN) and WAN.

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