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NetFlash: Novell gives Linux a nod

Jun 26, 20032 mins

Never mind all that legal fur that’s flying around Linux these days – Novell this week has begun moving its NetWare features and services to the open-source operating system. Actually, the journey to Linux will be a long one for Novell, as this is just the first step in a migration that will integrate Linux support into all of NetWare in about a year and a half.

Novell gives Linux a nod

Symantec under fire for bugs, flaws

The last thing you want as a security company is to find that your own products aren’t secure. Symantec is the latest victim of security flaws, which have been discovered in two of its products this week.

Juniper deal kills Lucent’s ‘WaveSmith-killer’

The 100-odd employees let go by Lucent this week can blame Lucent’s deal with Juniper for their walking papers. The Westford, Mass., workforce was working on a next-generation multiservice edge device referred to internally as the “WaveSmith-killer,” in deference to the start-up company recently acquired by Ciena. But the project was canceled and employees notified of their impending release earlier this quarter.

Radware updates content inspection device

Radware this week released Version 2.0 of its Content Inspection Director (CID) device for balancing traffic loads among virus-scanning appliances and servers.

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