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Making a software VPN shipshape

Jun 30, 20031 min

We use a software VPN to connect to our Exchange server at headquarters. Our office is on a ship with a satellite Internet connection. Each person in our office shares the Internet connection via a 24-port switch connected to an SMC Barricade router. When someone connects to the VPN, he has to activate specific ports, and deactivate them for everyone else on the router. We have a computer (it runs Windows 2000 Server) that acts as a file and print server, with one network interface card. Can we add another NIC to the server and use the server software for the Internet connection, thus allowing multiple VPN connections?

Yes, Windows 2000 Server can support a second NIC and be configured as your VPN endpoint for connecting back to the Exchange server.

Whether you can set up the Barricade router to pass the traffic needed to successfully support VPN connections across the network boundary depends on your security policy. But it sounds like you all have administrator privileges on the router, so it should be workable.

You do need to identify the ports and protocols your VPN requires, and ensure that the router isn’t blocking them.