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NetFlash: ISS warns of coordinated attack

Jul 03, 20032 mins

Internet Security Systems is warning that a hacker contest is on for this weekend, and any Web sites could be targets. The contest involves defacing as many sites as possible; the one who defaces the most sites with the most “value” wins a prize. But I have to wonder – now that the whole world has been alerted to the fact that hackers are organizing this contest, will they deface the sites anyway?

ISS warns of coordinated attack

Underwriting XML

I get nervous when anyone refers to a specific technology as a “silver bullet.” But that’s how the insurance industry is starting to view Web services and XML, and by gosh the insurance industry isn’t one to take unnecessary risks. Some say XML could save the industry $250 million in integration costs.

Report: Spam costs $874 per employee per year

Unsolicited commercial (“spam”) e-mail costs U.S. companies $874 per employee per year in lost productivity, according to a new report out from independent research company Nucleus Research.

EMC, BMC collaborate on open storage management

EMC and BMC Software Wednesday announced a strategic relationship in which each will resell or license the other company’s storage management products.

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