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NetFlash: Big players push IPv6, but masses still resist

Jul 09, 20032 mins

Conventional wisdom says that while IPv6 has lots of potential benefits, there is nothing so badly wrong with IP Version 4 that you should invest the time and money into upgrading. But now the U.S. Department of Defense is requiring IPv6 in its network purchases – and its IT budget is a whopping $30 billion. Does the Defense Department know something we don’t?

Big players push IPv6, but masses still resist

IBM, Microsoft publish Web services identity spec

IBM, Microsoft and others continue to define Web services protocols. The latest is WS-Federation, which sounds like it belongs in the Star Trek universe but actually helps companies share identity information among authentication systems.

Wi-Fi Alliance certifies 802.11g standard

The Wi-Fi Alliance, following successful interoperability testing, has put its stamp of approval on the first batch of products based on the new 802.11g wireless Internet standard.

Telcos, IT companies at high risk from economic crime

Cybercrime and other forms of economic crime are hitting companies in all sectors of industry, but telecommunications and IT companies appear to be among the most targeted, according to a survey released Tuesday by PricewaterhouseCoopers.