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DSL deals, Part 1

Jul 14, 20032 mins
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* DSL deals to be had from BellSouth and SBC

Last week, BellSouth was the latest local exchange carrier to offer a lower-cost DSL service. But there are deals to be had by all of the LECs if you’re shopping around for a DSL provider.

BellSouth launched its DSL Lite service last week, which offers users transmission speeds of 128K bit/sec upstream and 256K bit/sec downstream for $35 per month.

But the carrier is offering additional money-savers to entice users, including free installation and a free modem, which adds up to about a $200 savings. If you sign up for the service online, BellSouth will also credit you $50.

The LEC is offering the same deal on its full-fledged DSL offer called FastAccess, which supports transmission speeds of 256K bit/sec upstream and 1.5M bit/sec downstream at $45 per month.

SBC, which recently lowered its DSL service rates, is also offering customers further incentives.

The service provider’s SBC Yahoo DSL service, with transmission speeds of 128K bit/sec upstream and 356K bit/sec downstream, costs users $30 per month when they sign a one-year deal. SBC reduced its rates just last month:

SBC is also offering new SBC Yahoo DSL customers the choice of a $100 credit for a DSL modem or a $100 rebate toward a home networking kit that costs $150. The service includes a self-installation kit at no additional cost.

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