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NetFlash: Microsoft taking on identity mgmt.

Jun 30, 20032 mins

Microsoft promoted its Active Directory early, but now competitors have flown by, surpassing Microsoft’s effort with more complete identity management systems. The company now finds itself trying to catch up, and this week will lay out its plan. Will it be “marketing veneer,” as one observer put it, or will there be substance?

Microsoft taking on identity mgmt.

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Prices drop for high-end net gear

Fierce competition in LAN switches is fueling big features at small prices for wiring closets. This week, we take a look at several recent price cuts that can give your network more bang for the buck.

Cisco aims for IPv6 firewalls

Attacking one of the key problems early adopters have had with IPv6, Cisco plans to beef up security, adding support for stateful packet filtering of IPv6 traffic to its software and hardware firewall products in the first half of next year.

Researchers power up server clusters

Software being developed by a computer science professor at Duke University could help spur so-called utility computing technology that promises to offer users self-managing systems that grow and shrink in response to user demand.

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