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NetFlash: Cisco IOS scare stirs questions

Jul 28, 20031 min

The vulnerability in Cisco’s IOS software is public, and an exploit is out there. Are you protecting your systems? We spoke with enterprise users, ISPs and analysts to determine just how serious they are taking the threat.

Cisco IOS scare stirs questions

New EMC storage arrays promise replication gains

If you’re serious about disaster recovery, EMC this week would like to talk to you about its new storage arrays with asynchronous replication – a capability that allows backup over any distance.

Foundry adds load-balancing, security features

Thwarting denial-of-service attacks, load balancing multiple ISP links and speeding Web services traffic – these are among the new features in Foundry Networks’ ServerIron switches, the vendor announced last week.

Spam technology seeks acceptance

A proposed standard filtering technology originally developed to help end users organize messages in overstuffed in-boxes instead is gaining favor as a niche tool to help in the effort to stem the onslaught of spam.