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Skills distribution across the country

Aug 05, 20032 mins
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* Brainbench's worldwide skills and certification database

A report from online skills testing site Brainbench shows that the Western and Southern portions of the country have the highest concentrations of knowledge workers. Based on Brainbench’s worldwide skills and certification database, the report compares states and regions in numbers of certifications and average scores in IT and other skills categories.

IT dominates the database with 83,268 certifications in the U.S, followed by office skills at 61,056. Additional categories covered in the report include computer software, essential skills (such as literacy, mathematics, communications and basic computer skills), financial, healthcare, industry knowledge, and language and communication.

“The report shows the increasing workforce sophistication in the Southern and Western states, where employees are increasingly certifying skills to maintain levels of excellence in the disciplines that are mission-critical,” Brainbench President and CEO Mike Russiello says.

Among the findings:

* California leads the West and the entire country in terms of numbers of certifications. The state’s 24,853 represent more than 10% of all U.S. certifications. Colorado places second with 11,806, while population-sparse Wyoming logged only 196.

* Texas places second in the country with 18,174, making it the leader for the Southwest as well. The Oklahoma tally is a mere 1,332 certifications behind Texas, earning it the third spot nationally.

* Florida leads the South with 12,359 certifications. Virginia comes in second for that region with with 8,364, followed by Georgia with 7,806 and North Carolina with 5,769.

* New York dominates the Mid-Atlantic region, with 12,255 certifications. New Jersey and Pennsylvania closely trail, with 10,388 and 9,646 certifications respectively.

* Ohio holds the top spot in the Midwest, with 9,700 certifications. Illinois follows with 9,070, while Michigan claims third place with 6,666 certifications.

* Massachusetts leads New England with 5,111 certifications. Vermont’s 462 places it last among the six states in the region.

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