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IBM rolls out Opteron server, Linux database clusters

Jul 30, 20032 mins

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IBM rolls out Opteron server, Linux database clusters, 07/30/03

IBM Wednesday introduced its first server based on AMD's 32-/64-bit Opteron chip, pushing the new eServer 325 as ...

IBM to take product lifecycle to SMBs, 07/29/03

IBM plans to introduce Wednesday PLM Express, the next product in its growing line of midmarket software products.

IBM adds grid computing to WebSphere, 07/28/03

When IBM ships the latest version of its WebSphere Application Server later this month, it will include a grid computing feature ...

Heavyweights tip scales for offshore outsourcing, 07/28/03

The news last week that IBM might outsource some U.S. white-collar jobs overseas has thrown fuel on a smoldering fire.

IBM ThinkPad G40, 07/30/03

IBM's new budget desktop replacement notebook features a steeply inclined case for more-ergonomic typing; wedge-shaped ...

SCO targets Linux users, 07/28/03

The SCO Group has turned its focus to Linux customers, making it clear for the first time that it could sue them for ...

HP, IBM, Sun to unveil server security initiative, 07/25/03

HP, IBM and Sun are allying with three security providers to announce on Aug. 5 an open standards initiative for safe ...

The jackals of IT, 07/28/03

In the civilized world of IT you don't expect to see the jackals show themselves quite so openly. That was until The SCO ...