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Researchers see trouble ahead for WLAN performance

Aug 04, 20032 mins

Latest LAN news.

Researchers see trouble ahead for WLAN performance, 07/31/03

French researchers say they have pinpointed a problem in wireless LAN technology that could severely impair the performance of newer high-speed networks.

Tech Update: 802.1S solves architecture issues, 08/04/03

802.1S Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol solves problems by supporting multiple spanning trees within a network.

Fujitsu may beat IBM with fastest Linux supercomputer, 07/31/03

IBM has a challenger in the race to deliver the world’s fastest Linux-based supercomputer.

IBM rolls out Opteron server, Linux database clusters, 07/30/03

IBM Wednesday introduced its first server based on AMD’s 32-/64-bit Opteron chip, pushing the new eServer 325 as an …

Broadcom readies pre-standard copper 10 Gig Ethernet, 07/30/03

Getting a jump on the 10 Gigabit Ethernet standards group, Broadcom this week announced an Ethernet switch reference …

Cisco patches Aironet wireless vulnerabilities, 07/29/03

Network hardware giant Cisco released a software patch and warned customers on Monday about two security holes that …

SMC releases managed Gigabit desktop switch, 07/29/03

SMC this week launched a managed triple-speed LAN switch aimed small workgroups that handle large files.