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HP, IBM and Sun back Tripwire on ‘file-signature’ database

Aug 06, 20031 min
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HP, IBM and Sun back Tripwire on ‘file-signature’ database, 08/05/03

Tripwire is spearheading an effort to come up with common standards for an Internet-based database where companies could …

Sun beefs up V480 with faster processor, 08/04/03

Sun is updating its Sun Fire V480 server to include the company’s 1.05GHz UltraSparc III processors.

Sun, SuSE form Linux pact, 08/01/03

Customers of Sun who are interested in the Linux operating system will soon be able to choose between two leading …

Vendors ready to showcase latest wares at LinuxWorld, 08/04/03

Despite the specter of The SCO Group’s legal scuffle with IBM and Linux users, big players such as BEA Systems, HP, IBM, …

Red Hat to ship JOnAS J2EE software, 08/05/03

Open source J2EE server vendor JBoss Group suddenly has some serious competition from a European middleware consortium called ObjectWeb …

Storage management model gets support, 07/31/03

For several years now the Storage Networking Industry Association has been working on standardizing the way networked storage is managed.