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Sun updates Sun Fire V480 server

Aug 13, 20032 mins
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Sun updates Sun Fire V480 server

By Network World Staff

Network World, 08/11/03

Sun is updating the processors on its Sun Fire V480 server. Now the company’s rack-optimized server will be available with 1.05-GHz UltraSparc III processors, an upgrade from the 900-MHz models that Sun had been shipping.

This upgrade will give the machines a 22% boost in performance, Sun says. Sun markets the V480 as a low-cost, entry-level system. It is the last of the Sun Fire servers to be upgraded to Sun’s 1.05GHz chip.

Pricing for the V480 will remain unchanged. A dual-processor machine with 4G bytes of memory will list for about $20,000. A four-way, 16G-byte machine costs $43,000.

NuView is launching a version of its storage management software that will include data life-cycle management capability, snapshot backup and byte-level replication of data. StorageX 4.0 lets administrators manage and move data across heterogeneous devices based on criteria such as age, size or data type. It also gives users the capability to back-up data via snapshot technology and replicate only the data that has changed. Pricing for StorageX starts at $2,000 per managed device.

Gateway last week rolled out its first four-way server in an attempt to win over more business customers. The Gateway 995 will be available with up to four Xeon MP processors from Intel.

The base configuration costs about $6,000 with a single 2.0-GHz Xeon MP processor, 512M bytes of double data-rate memory, a dual-channel Ultra SCSI controller and a 36G-byte hard disk.

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