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Senior Editor selects Quantiva

Aug 19, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* selects Quantiva to monitor its Web transactions, a provider of global domain name registration and Internet services, earlier this month signed Quantiva to monitor its Web transactions. manages about 3 million domain names. The company started deploying the Quantiva Analysis System (QAS) to monitor customer experiences on its retail Web site, and to ensure the availability and reliability of its services.

QAS is essentially an add-on service to a company’s network and systems management strategy, providing an outside measure of performance.

“Our Web site’s performance is important to preserving the value of our brand,” CTO Walt Meffert said in a statement. He added that Quantiva is helping his company deliver “an outstanding level of service performance for our customers.”

Quantiva claims its QAS system can save one to two hours of diagnostic time per month on average, and reduce slow time and downtime by an average of two to three hours per URL per month. Generally, organizations save between $5 and $10 for every $1 spent on QAS, translating to a typical immediate ROI of $300,000 for a midsize company, Quantiva says.

QAS can identify from where Web site transaction errors originate by monitoring a customer’s internal network, the supporting carrier networks and the end-user desktop initiating the transaction. The company says it is able to deliver a “real traffic flow model” to customers. The conclusions drawn by QAS describe problems and identify locations of the offending servers or devices. Network managers can click through to examine the data that QAS analyzed at each stage of the automatic diagnostic process.

QAS is delivered as a hosted service; there is no server software to install, configure or maintain. Problem diagnoses and detailed historical data are accessed via a secure Web portal. The company located its QAS “collector” software that runs on Sun Solaris and Intel servers in collocation centers in U.S. cities with the highest Web traffic.

The collector software can view how end users are coming into the Quantiva customer network. QAS “reflector” software is installed on the customer network and collects data on performance from that location. Both collector and reflector software feed data back to Quantiva’s QAS statistical and analysis engine, which the company maintains at its Princeton, N.J., location.

The service is available now, starting at $200 per month per URL.