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Microsoft ordered to pay $521 million in patent dispute

Aug 13, 20032 mins

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Microsoft ordered to pay $521 million in patent dispute, 08/12/03

A jury in Chicago Monday ordered Microsoft to pay $521 million in damages to a technology company and the University of California after finding that Microsoft’s Web browser infringed on a patent.

FTC cracks down on Web page selling scam, 08/12/03

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed suit against a company that the FTC charges hawks Web presence over the phone and then charges its targets on their phone bill without their authorization.

U.S. trade group backs STT’s bid for Global Crossing, 08/11/03

The U.S.-based Organization for International Investment (OFII) has told President George W. Bush that rejecting Singapore Technologies Telemedia’s (STT) bid to take over Global Crossing Holdings “would be a grave misstep with far-reaching implications.”

IBM, TI, EMC join HyperTransport consortium, 08/11/03

Seven companies added their names Monday to the list of backers of the HyperTransport interconnect standard, including IBM, Texas Instruments, and EMC, the HyperTransport Technology Consortium announced Monday.

Tech Update: IPFIX fine-tunes traffic analysis, 08/11/03

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is standardizing the format used for exporting router-based information about network traffic flows to data collection devices and network management systems. The proposed standard, IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX), will work across any vendor’s routers and management applications that support the protocol.

IBM, SuSE secure Linux with Fed certification, 08/11/03

Linux took another step in its evolution last week when IBM and SuSE Linux announced that the open source operating system had achieved an international security certification used by the federal government.