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Savvis delivers private multicast

Aug 06, 20032 mins
Internet Service ProvidersNetworking

* Secure media streaming from Savvis Communications

Savvis Communications says it will launch a Private Multicast service this week that will allow users to set up secure media streaming applications with a high-degree of availability over the ISP’s global network.

The ISP says it has been offering private multicast to users on an individual customer basis for five years. Savvis has primarily offered multicasting to its users in the financial services industry, but the service will now be available to all customers.

Users can stream video and data in real-time around the world or they can store and distribute content at a later date.

The service provider says its financial customers, such as Moneyline Telerate, have been using multicasting services to distribute real-time financial data around the world.  Savvis says its financial customers have been using streaming technology to collect data from markets around the world which then forward to brokers in real-time.

The ISP says that healthcare is another vertical market looking for highly available multicast services. Medical schools are using multicasting to allow students to view surgeries in real-time for educational purposes. The same application can be used to allow medical experts around the world to collaborate on medical procedures even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Savvis’ Private Multicast service is available now. Pricing is based on port speed, number of multicast sessions from the customer’s site and number of clients that receive the multicast sessions.