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Cable & Wireless launches service as it heads out the door

Aug 04, 20032 mins
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* Cable & Wireless rolls out U.S. hosting service despite exiting the U.S. market

Despite plans to exit the U.S. market, Cable & Wireless says it will roll out a new hosting service this month.

Last week, the carrier held a conference call for its customers in North America to update them on the planned closure of its U.S. business.

Cable & Wireless America’s CEO Simon Cunningham essentially said he couldn’t share any new information on how the exit would take place, but he assured callers that the company is committed to keeping a high degree of customer service and to maintaining and exceeding all customers’ service-level agreements.

Part of the carrier’s commitment to offering users what they need to maintain their business will be seen in a new bundled hosting service Cable & Wireless will soon launch, Cunningham says.

The carrier says it will roll out Business Ready Hosting service, which will bundle the existing services Cable & Wireless offers. Other than that, there were no other details available.

It’s somewhat unusual for a service provider to introduce new services to users who know the vendor won’t be around in the long run to support them. But Cable & Wireless says that since it announced its plans to leave the U.S. market in June users have signed on for new services and most have stuck by the carrier.

However Cunningham did not offer up specifics as to the number of new contracts that were signed or the number of customers that have left the carrier.

When Cable & Wireless does launch its Business Ready Hosting service, we’ll be sure to update you on the details.