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FTC chief says antispam bills won’t work

Aug 20, 20032 mins

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FTC chief says antispam bills won’t work, 08/20/03

Internet users fed up with the seemingly endless flow of spam should pin their hopes on a technological solutions rather than legislative ones, a top U.S. regulator said this week.

SCO users divided over GPL, 08/19/03

While The SCO Group’s upper management has taken a dim view of Linux’s software license, the GNU General Public License, SCO developers here at the company’s annual user conference this week expressed dissatisfaction with SCO’s public disparagement of the software license.

Tech Update: API eases network processing integration, 08/18/03

Network processors let network equipment vendors develop gear that customers easily can upgrade to tap new applications and protocols. However, a lack of hardware interface standards and software APIs has kept vendors from adopting network processor technologies.

As patent suits proliferate, so do worries, 08/18/03

Data compiled by Aon Corp., which sells intellectual property and infringement insurance, shows a surge in patent litigation cases, costs and judgments. Part of the reason is vendors are more serious than ever about protecting intellectual property of all kinds, including patents. They’re more serious because there’s more money at stake.