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There’s much more than this

Aug 21, 20032 mins

* Network World Fusion offers lots in the resource centers

This newsletter is just one of Network World Fusion’s many resources centered on LANs. If you’re relying on me for all your LAN information, well, you’re certainly missing out.

Fusion has really beefed up its Resource Centers lately. Phil Hochmuth runs the router/switch resource center, which you can find here:

If you have a strong interest in LAN hardware news, you might want to bookmark it. While I will write about just a couple news items or trends every week, Network World Fusion is a bit more thorough in its coverage. Phil moderates the resource center, highlighting the big news of the week in a kind of Weblog. Other headlines are listed below it.

Plus, all your related reviews, white papers, training resources, opinion columns and even archived newsletters are accessible from this page.

Another interesting feature of the resource center is the list of links to information on the Web you might not have known was there. This can be information from vendors or standards bodies, or even Network World itself:

You can add a resource, or at least request that one be added. If we like what you submit, it goes on the list to benefit other visitors to Fusion.

There is a related resource center for LANs, but no one is currently moderating it. Still might be worth checking in on:

And lastly, if you like the newsletter format but can do without my colorful commentary, we also offer a headlines-only LAN newsletter, called the LAN News Alert. That can be found on our signup page (link goes to the sign-in for current newsletter subscribers, which should include you):