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LAN events in your future

Aug 26, 20032 mins

* What Network World has to offer in its Technology Tours

Continuing my current thread of undiscovered resources from Network World, I’d like to invite you to check out one of our free Technology Tour seminars.

Coming up fast are several such seminars relevant to readers of this newsletter. While experts make presentations in each of these day-long events, one of the key benefits is the ability for attendees to ask questions during the Q&A sessions.

Wireless LANs will be covered in one seminar appearing in New York, Atlanta, Houston and San Jose next month. The presenters will help sort out the differences among the various IEEE 802.11 technologies and will give advice on deploying and managing a large wireless LAN. The tour will be moderated by Tom Henderson of ExtremeLabs.

Also in September is the New Data Center tour, which focuses on emerging data center themes like consolidation, virtualization, and automation. Attendees will learn about managing new data centers with these technologies. The moderator is Nemertes Research’s Johna Till Johnson, a Network World columnist.

Lastly, in November and December the Tolly Group’s Kevin Tolly is slated to moderate the LAN tour, which will look at how new LAN technologies can be integrated with older technologies.

For more information on all of these seminars and to register, go to: