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In brief: Oklahoma sues MCI

Sep 01, 20032 mins

Plus: DealTime cuts telecom costs with Equinix.

Oklahoma’s attorney general last week filed charges against MCI (legally known as WorldCom) and its former CEO Bernie Ebbers. The state says the company and a handful of executives, including Ebbers, violated security laws by providing false information to investors. The state attorney general says the company intentionally defrauded investors in Oklahoma by inflating the value of MCI’s stock.

The carrier, which is still in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings, settled its suit with the Securities and Exchange Commission last month regarding the company’s $11 billion fraud, which entailed falsifying company earning reports.

DealTime, a shopping search engine and consumer reviews company that claims more than 1.5 million unique visitors to its Web sites every day, says it is cutting its telecom costs by partnering with Equinix. DealTime is moving its IT operations into an Equinix Internet Business Exchange center, which is a network neutral hub that acts as a peering point for more than 100 networks.

Through the IBX, DealTime will have direct access to every major U.S. network, cutting telecom costs of connecting to partners in multiple locations and providing the company with a more direct path to deliver content to its end users, DealTime executives say.