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Microsoft to revamp patch management software

Sep 02, 20032 mins
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Microsoft to revamp patch management software, 09/01/03

In the wake of recent ugly worm episodes, Microsoft is planning to overhaul its much maligned patch management architecture in an effort to ease the frustrations of corporate users.

Network Associates targets SMB management, 09/01/03

Network Associates last week announced a tool designed for small and midsize businesses that the company says makes enterprise-level network troubleshooting, security and analysis…

Microsoft posts beta of installer linked to patch mgmt. overhaul, 08/29/03

Microsoft Friday shipped the first beta of a software installer that is one key piece in a forthcoming overhaul of the company’s patch management architecture.

Boeing spins off messaging management company, 08/29/03

Boeing has decided not to keep to itself its solution for coping with the huge volumes of e-mail – both legitimate and unwanted – that flow across its network.

Network Associates targets SMBs with security software, 08/26/03

Network Associates Monday announced network and security management software aimed at small and midsize users that tops out in price at about half of what the company’s enterprise-class …