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Dell to help customers corral their switches

Sep 02, 20032 mins

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Dell to help customers corral their switches, 09/01/03

Dell this week will offer a free tool for centrally managing its LAN switches, a move that better matches up the boxes vs. those of network gear sellers such as Cisco and Nortel that already offer such software.

Netgear router quirk perturbs college, 09/01/03

If you own a Netgear router, Annie Stunden would like you to stop pinging her network. The University of Wisconsin, Madison’s CIO says that a software glitch in some Netgear products has the routers bombarding the school’s publicly accessible Network Time Protocol (NTP) server to update network time and date.

WLAN security: A big problem for small nets, 09/01/03

One of the chief causes of security weaknesses in small WLANs is the lack of a security infrastructure that is typical in big companies: RADIUS servers, VPNs, elaborate security policies and so on. In the past, smaller firms, telecommuters and the like “were forced to settle for security that is flimsy at best,” Burton Group’s Michael Disibato wrote in a January 2003 report “Securing Wireless LANs.” The alternative, he writes, is investing in costly infrastructure improvements.