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Sep 09, 20032 mins
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* Broad-based user groups have become irrelevant

Several IT professional associations that were once industry stalwarts have folded. The formerly influential Communication Managers Association called it quits last month, while the International Communications Association disbanded last year. And the Network Professional Association and other IT groups suffer from declining membership.

As Linda Leung reports in a Network World article “User group’s demise is sign of the times” at, the problem is that broad-based groups have become irrelevant for many IT pros. Instead, they want more narrowly focused groups.

For example, the Wall Street Technology Association is specifically designed to serve tech pros in the financial industry. And the National Association of State Telecom Directors name accurately describes what that group is all about.

There are also standards groups oriented to particular industries, such as The Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development, which serves the insurance industry, and Standards for Technology in Automobile Retail.

However, I’m sure there are many vertical-oriented IT groups that I haven’t heard of. Please let me know which ones you’re involved with so we can highlight them in an upcoming print article in Network World. You can reach me at