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Bronx hospital leaps to 10G

Aug 18, 20032 mins

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Bronx hospital leaps to 10G, 08/18/03

The good news was that the LAN at the North Bronx Healthcare Network was predictable; unfortunately that was the bad news, too. With zero network downtime in five years, the Cisco-based LAN was “a phenomenally stable environment,” says Dan Morreale, CIO at NBHN. But doctors and nurses using the system also could count on phenomenal delays when using applications over the healthcare provider’s 10M bit/sec hubs and Fast Ethernet backbone.

Review: Taking a Peek into your WLAN, 08/18/03

Wireless LAN analyzers are rapidly evolving from our last look. They are more compatible with network interface cards, and they are adding value through remote probe devices.

Chip vendor claims wireless breakthrough, 08/18/03

A start-up is sampling a chipset that it says will improve dramatically the range and performance of wireless LANs, and eliminate current security problems.

Tech Update: API eases network processing integration, 08/18/03

New spec details a set of open, implementation-neutral APIs that control-plane software can use to manage IPv4 forwarding …

Transport companies moving to offer Wi-Fi, 08/15/03

The Wi-Fi public-access market is moving into planes, trains and automobiles as transportation companies embrace the …

More low-cost Gigabit gear on tap from SMC, 08/12/03

SMC continued the low-cost Gigabit Ethernet march this week with two switches and a NIC that can provide 1000M bit/sec …