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HP prepping all-in-one server management software

Aug 18, 20032 mins
Data Center

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HP prepping all-in-one server management software, 08/18/03

HP is readying server management software that should give users control of Unix, Linux and Windows machines from a single console, a capability analysts say will be particularly important as businesses consolidate workloads to boost efficiencies in their data centers.

HP eases management of storage tape libraries, 08/18/03

HP is embedding technology in its storage tape libraries that should help users manage the migration and movement of data more easily, the company says.

Keynote offers Web site management service, 08/18/03

Keynote next month plans to unveil a service the company says will help corporate customers monitor Web site response times and pinpoint the source of performance problems.

As patent suits proliferate, so do worries, 08/18/03

Data compiled by Aon Corp., which sells intellectual property and infringement insurance, shows a surge in patent litigation cases, costs and judgments. Part of the reason is vendors are more serious than ever about protecting intellectual property of all kinds, including patents. They’re more serious because there’s more money at stake.

At a Boston hospital, lessons learned from Slammer, 08/14/03

While organizations around the world this week scrambled to disinfect and patch systems that had been hit by the …

Survey indicates CIOs inundated with work, 08/12/03

CIOs who have recently been pinched by budget constraints are now finding themselves overwhelmed with work as companies …