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NetFlash: Deciphering the doodle

Sep 29, 20032 mins

An art therapist or handwriting expert could tell all sorts of things about people’s psyches from their doodles. Deciphering doodles isn’t easy, even the experts admit, but they could be right – doodles may express subconscious desires, obsessions or concerns. So what might the typical network executive be subconsciously drawing these days? Words and concepts that no doubt indicate tension over hugely important technology choices, making your network intelligent and the next batch of buzzwords. If this sounds like you, relax. Our annual Buzz Issue tells you just what you need to know about the latest technologies – and promises to turn those doodles into flowers, rainbows, hearts and all things happy.

The Buzz Issue

IBM files new claim against SCO; former employees sue IBM over illnesses

IBM has escalated its legal counterattack on The SCO Group, filing new claims alleging that SCO has infringed IBM’s copyright. Meanwhile, former IBM employees filed a lawsuit claiming that IBM overlooked higher-than-usual incidences of cancer among workers at its manufacturing facilities.

SCO infringed copyright, IBM alleges in new claim

IBM urges dismissal of suit filed by ill former workers

Worms sent via IM pose serious, growing threat

A small but growing number of documented instant messageing security holes and the rapid adoption of instant messaging technology within corporations are combining to pose significant risks of infection and information theft, according to two security researchers from Symantec.

Wireless LAN throughput on the rise

The international standards group recently launched a working group charged with crafting changes to the 802.11 WLAN standard so that these networks would deliver at least 100M bit/sec. That number is throughput, what users see when they transfer a file, for example, as distinct from the data rate, which is the raw speed before you subtract the overhead associated with the protocol.