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Face-off over the GPL

Oct 06, 20032 mins
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* Face-off over the GPL * Federation - is it worth it? * Why HP needs to keep selling PCs *Sun scrambles

Face-off over the GPL

Does the GNU General Public License help the software industry or harm it? That’s the debate we set up online this week – and we have two heavy hitters weighing in. On the pro side is Free Software Foundation Executive Director Bradley Kuhn, and on the con is Chris Sontag, senior vice president and general manager of the SCOsource division of The SCO Group. Tell them what you think of their arguments in our forum.

Yes, GPL is good for the software industry

No, the GPL is not good for the software industry

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Federation – is it worth it?

A critical part of identity management is “federation” – that is, the exchange of authentication and identity information between different security domains. But is it worth the huge effort needed to implement federation technology? Daniel Blum answers this question in Intranet Advisor this week.

Why HP needs to keep selling PCs

Against the backdrop of HP’s wide-ranging announcement of network gear this week, Linda Musthaler argues that HP ought to also remain in the PC business. While some have said HP should increase profits by dropping PCs and ceding the market to Dell, Musthaler disagrees.

Sun scrambles

Sun is trying like mad to get its profits up, selling low-cost products and taking a new tack on software. Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix this week looks at these efforts and – and whether it’s enough.