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Microsoft says ‘no’ to money

Oct 13, 20032 mins
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* Microsoft says ‘no’ to money * Ethernet under the toughest conditions * EDS back at it again * Bundling bonanza

Face-off over the GPL

Microsoft says ‘no’ to money

Buzz’s Paul McNamara this week relates the tale of a Hotmail subscriber who wants to give Microsoft his money – but Microsoft won’t take it. It’s not that the subscriber wants to pay the company with those new peach-colored $20 bills, either – though that might make just as much sense as Microsoft’s real reason.

Ethernet under the toughest conditions

Ethernet really is everywhere. Kevin Tolly this week discusses the possibilities of industrial – and nautical – Ethernet as he prepares to embark on a cruise. Here’s hoping he doesn’t spend his vacation in the wiring closet of the cruise ship.

EDS back at it again

EDS is trying once more to go after small and midsize businesses, and this week Jeff Kaplan points out that the needs of SMBs can be difficult to meet.

Bundling bonanza

I can’t resist the urge to plug my own editorial. This week my byline makes a rare appearance in the pages (the print-and-paper kind) of Network World, as I report on carrier exuberance over bundles. Carriers love them because they get more revenue per customer. But are you paying more?