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HP tries to snag Sun users with free stuff

Oct 15, 20032 mins
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HP tries to snag Sun users with free stuff

By Network World Staff

Network World, 10/13/03

HP last week announced a program aimed at luring Sun’s Solaris operating system users to HP machines running Linux. The bait? $25,000 in porting and migration services.

Under the new program, Sun’s customers in the Americas will be able to obtain a free assessment of how to port as many as three Solaris applications. HP also will port one application from Solaris to Linux at no charge, and offer customers free use of a ProLiant server for 30 days and an assessment of how to improve their storage systems.

Sun launched a similar program targeting HP’s Alpha microprocessor users last July. Its “HP Away” program offered HP customers incentives to port from Alpha’s Tru64 Unix operating system to Solaris. HP says the program will be offered through year-end.

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