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SMC updates Gigabit switch

Oct 21, 20032 mins
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* SMC Networks improves on its Gigabit switch, unveils multipurpose wireless device

SMC Networks last week updated its Gigabit Ethernet switch and introduced a 54M bit/sec wireless LAN device.

SMC updated the TigerSwitch 10/100/1000 Managed Switch so that it now offers traffic prioritization and virtual LANs based on port or protocol. It also supports rate limiting, Simple Network Time Protocol and access control lists, which network managers can configure through a command-line interface. SMC says the new features won’t add to the price of the switch, which lists for $2,200.

SMC says it will add more features to the switch in future releases – including support for SNMPv3, Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol, SMTP and SSHv2.

The switch has 24 ports of copper Gigabit Ethernet, four of which can be upgraded to fiber connections if needed. SMC says it uses Broadcom’s XGS switching technology inside.

SMC also unveiled a wireless “device” in its EZ Connect family of products, the SMC2870W 2.4-GHz 54M bit/sec Wireless Multi-Mode Device. The device can be configured as an access point to provide network access to other wireless devices, or it can be used as a repeater to extend the range of a wireless LAN, or it can just be used as a wireless adapter to connect a computer to a WLAN.

The device is scheduled to ship next month for $130.