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FCC clarifies WNP rules

Oct 08, 20032 mins

Latest standards and regulations news.

FCC clarifies WNP rules, 10/07/03

The FCC this week issued an order on wireless number portability rules that attempts to limit barriers some service providers were seeking.

Court rejects FCC stance on cable Internet, 10/07/03

A federal appeals court has rejected the Federal Communications Commission stance that cable-based Internet services are an information service rather than a telecommunication service.

Critics raise security concerns about VeriSign service, 10/07/03

VeriSign’s  Site Finder service has caused problems with the way some e-mail and other Web applications function and collected more information about Web surfers than some other services designed to redirect mistyped URLs, critics of the new Web search site said Tuesday.

Fortifying BGP: No quick fix, 10/06/03

BBN’s Secure BGP, which establishes a public-key infrastructure to stymie IP address spoofing, is still a work in progress and has yet to be implemented in Internet routers. Router memory constraints, processing overhead concerns and the downtrodden state of the telecom economy are cited as reasons why.

Feature: Fighting back against telecom surcharges, 10/06/03

Understanding the distinction between regulatory charges and the extras carriers pass along is a powerful weapon when negotiating contracts.

Easing global domain name use, 10/06/03

VeriSign will announce as early as this week the formation of the IDN Software Consortium, which will promote the development of IDN-compliant software.

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