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Cisco storage switches to get IBM smarts

Oct 27, 20031 min

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Cisco storage switches to get IBM smarts, 10/23/03

IBM and Cisco Wednesday announced that in December they plan to begin shipping a new storage-area network module for Cisco’s MDS 9000 family of switches based on the software from IBM’s SAN …

Double-duty routers give Cisco VoIP edge, 10/27/03

A recent software upgrade that can turn most Cisco access routers into IP PBXs could provide users with a simple path to follow for converging voice and data networks, and at the same time is …

Cisco enhances MPLS software for Layer 2, 10/27/03

Cisco recently announced an addition to its Multi-protocol Label Switching software designed to provide a specific amount of bandwidth to any type of Layer 2 traffic destined for an IP core.

IP net management could get easier, 10/27/03

A proposed standard under construction at the Internet Engineering Task Force promises to extract more traffic statistics from corporations’ network gear, which proponents say will help them develop …