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10G NIC vendor pumps up server performance

Nov 03, 20032 mins

Latest LAN news.

10G NIC vendor pumps up server performance, 11/03/03

Few network products are as commoditized as the network interface card. But start-up S2IO is looking to break that notion with the recent debut of its 10G Ethernet server adapters.

College WLANs put to the test, 11/03/03

Each freshman class at Dartmouth College is unique, but this year’s crop has at least one thing in common with other classes across the country: a passion for wireless networks.

HP expands Intel-based server options, 11/03/03

Continuing its progression toward an Intel-only server portfolio, HP today is expected to round out its Itanium-based server line and unveil a two-processor Xeon-based box designed to be a low-cost …

Intel gets dualband Wi-Fi chip out the door, 10/29/03

After several delays, Intel announced Monday that its Intel Pro/Wireless 2100A chip is shipping to notebook manufacturers, giving Centrino notebooks an 802.11a connection.

Japan team reports quantum computing breakthrough, 10/29/03

A research team in Japan says it has successfully demonstrated for the first time in a solid-state device one of the two basic building blocks that will be needed to construct a viable …