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EMC to enter database archiving market

Nov 03, 20032 mins
Data Center

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EMC to enter database archiving market, 11/03/03

EMC is expected to introduce database archiving software in the first quarter of next year that will let customers improve the performance of their databases by migrating old data to less-expensive storage …

Invio broadens storage process management, 10/29/03

Invio announced at Storage Networking World in Orlando this week graphic storage modeling software that assists storage administrators in the design and customization of processes such as storage …

Bocada enhances backup reporting, 10/29/03

Bocada announced enhancements to its BackupReport software this week at Storage Networking World in Orlando.

Amount of data stored doubles in three years, 10/28/03

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by information overload lately, you may not be alone. The amount of new information stored on various media such as hard drives has doubled in the past three …

Challenges abound archiving company e-mail, 11/03/03

Pressured by fines and threats of imprisonment for noncompliance with federal and state regulations, IT executives slowly are deploying systems that archive their e-mail and instant-messaging communications.

Buying habits of IT managers, 10/28/03

How much of a difference is there between the storage buying habits of the IT managers who run midsized IT shops and the buying habits of their counterparts running large enterprise IT environments?  Quite a bit.

How successful will storage vendors be out of their comfort zones?, 10/30/03

It seems that finally, storage is converging with the other disciplines of IT. It has been EMA’s mantra for quite a while that storage has to be treated as an integral part of IT management, rather than as a silo off on its own.