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IBM aims for desktop outsourcing

Nov 05, 20032 mins

Latest IBM news.

IBM aims for desktop outsourcing, 11/04/03

Having transformed itself into a services company through the widespread provision of data center outsourcing services over the past 14 years, IBM is announcing now setting its sights on offering …

Corning, IBM team for optical interconnect development, 11/04/03

IBM and Corning will work together on a project for the U.S. Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration to develop optical interconnect technology for supercomputers, the …

HP retires midrange e3000, 11/03/03

By Jennifer Mears Network World Fusion, 11/03/03 Say goodbye to the proprietary midrange – at least when it comes to HP . Hewlett Packard on Halloween stopped selling the e3000, part of its strategy to …

IBM takes on U.S. regulatory compliance requirements, 11/03/03

IBM last week introduced bundles of hardware, software and services for helping companies comply with U.S. federal regulations.

In brief: IBM case highlights health fears in industry, 11/03/03

Plus: BellSouth to woo SMBs to VoIP; MCI gets senatorial advisor; Palmisano worries U.S. could lose tech edge; and HP stop selling the e3000

BMC brings SmartDBA to the mainframe, 10/31/03

BMC will soon release the first of its SmartDBA tools for IBM’s DB2 mainframe database, marking what it called a significant milestone in its effort to provide a single console for managing mixed …

IBM adds to Express integration offerings, 10/31/03

IBM is augmenting its midmarket-aimed Express portfolio, launched a year ago, with a handful of new software products.

IBM case highlights health fears in computer industry, 10/31/03

Silicon Valley owes its might to front-line clean room workers such as James Moore and Alida Hernandez who worked for IBM in the 1970s and 1980s. Next week, a jury trial begins to …

IBM CEO: National strategy on innovation needed, 10/30/03

The U.S. government and private industries need to encourage business innovation, because the nation is in danger of losing its edge in technology and in other industries, said Sam Palmisano, …