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TiGi commercializes server and storage accelerator

Nov 11, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* TiGi makes acceleration device available commercially

Enterprise network managers looking to improve performance across application servers and networked storage environments might want to check out a player that recently surfaced, promising to boost data response time and scalability.

For the past two years, TiGi (pronounced “tiggy”) has worked with government agencies to develop its data acceleration technology and flagship product, TiGiJet. Now available commercially, TiGiJet is an accelerator that utilizes solid-state technology to speed data throughput in servers and networked storage. It simultaneously reduces processor utilization and system latency, the company says.

TiGiJet works with the company’s DataManager software to relieve bottlenecks. The company says network managers must install the device and configure the software to take actions on specific servers and storage devices. The company says the combination reduces processor utilization and latency issues, such as disk queuing, by moving the most-requested data to accelerated storage devices.

TiGiJet competes with acceleration products from vendors such as Speedera, CacheFlow and Pivia.

The TiGiJet installs into the standard SCSI interface of any server, regardless of platform. Available now, TiGiJet starts at $3,500.

In addition to its data acceleration tools, TiGI offers storage acceleration products. TiGi’s Storage System Acceleration Solution speeds response times from storage devices. TiGi says it features an open architecture that allows customers to integrate solid-state storage technology into multiple locations throughout heterogeneous environments. The technology speeds the delivery of data to users while reducing system overhead, the company says, which in turn can reduce the number of servers needed and reduce hardware operating costs.