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Speedera debuts Internet index

Oct 30, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Speedera Networks publishes Internet performance index

Speedera Networks last week unveiled a free Internet measurement service that the company says will provide a view of performance and availability across 100 Web sites.

The SpeedRank service will rate Web sites across five sectors: online retail, media and entertainment, government, high technology and online marketing. SpeedRank can show you how your corporate site ranks against competitors or the industry as a whole. Speedera says this type of Web site performance and availability information can help IT decision makers gauge when and where to invest in their Web infrastructure.

SpeedRank measures total page download time and the time it takes to do individual tasks, such as DNS lookup, first packet transfer, TCP connect, data packets transfer and Secure Sockets Layer handshake.

That type of data, the company says, will arm Web site managers with the information they need to pinpoint potential site performance or scalability issues. Speedera says the service will also offer insights into the health of the Internet as a whole, through monitoring key sites and industry sectors.

The free service uses automated software agents installed on more than 20 monitoring locations and nine global network providers worldwide to measure performance and availability. SpeedRank monitors the sites within each index every half hour and refreshes the data hourly, or more frequently if requested.

The service can also deliver error summaries for the sites it monitors. The data collected can reveal problems associated with downloading Web pages or issues with embedded content displayed on a page.

Companies included in the five vertical markets being measured receive free analysis of their sites. Other companies can contact Speedera about having their sites measured. The index can be viewed at: