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Limiting network modem use

Feb 17, 20031 min

We installed a Windows 2000 Server with two Windows ME clients. We turned on Internet Connection Sharing and managed to get the computers to use the modem collectively.

If we allow the modem to be dialed over the network and manage to get the computers to use the modem, it is activated whenever either machine is logged on, even though no request comes from e-mail or Internet Explorer. Is there a way to let the client computers dial out only when a client uses Explorer or e-mail. How can you hang up from a client after you are finished?

To stop the clients from dialing out when logging on, reconfigure them so that they do not reach out past your network boundary at logon.

Even though they are not using e-mail or Explorer, the computers might be communicating with Internet resources, such as a default multicast group or software update services whenever the network becomes available.

An easier approach: configure a short “Idle time before hanging up” setting under the Options tab in the modem properties dialog. This will cause the server to drop the line after a short period of inactivity.